Worried about dietary requirements?

Why we ask about your diet

We know how important it is to not make assumptions when dealing with food allergies and must ensure that all information provided by our travellers is passed on to the caterer. Another reason we ask about your diet is that we respect all cultural and religious sensitivities. Good food, Happy Traveller.

We understand that people have different dietary needs. Feel free to let us know what suits you best.

During these trying times, we all need to look forward to experiences we can trust

African Sunsets Travel has been working hard to keep our community safe and sound, but we miss you! We miss couples enjoying honeymoon in Capetown, families screaming on the Table Mountain, outdoor enthusiasts enjoying climbing the Namib sand dunes, sunset on a mokoro, exploring the untamed Okavango Delta. We miss groups laughing out loud, interacting with the locals in the townships with the Himba tribes. That longing for smell of the fresh bush veld in the morning and that flutter of excitement you get before going on a game drive. It’s has been long since we have seen the wonder of Africa. We appreciate your help and support and are excited to welcome you back again soon. It turned to reality for all of us, and we have spent all this time inside our homes, to save the lives of those in our communities. But that doesn’t mean you don’t miss traveling, we all do. And yes, we will travel again.

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