When will SA Re-Open Their Borders?

When will SA borders be open again?

We are taking life day by day. Travel plans had to be cancelled and loved ones were separated by closed borders and travel bans. We don’t know what the next 6 months will look like, but we can envision our future trips with lots of fun and laughter while creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. For South Africa, the national coronavirus command council has announced a Risk Adjusted Strategy effective from 1 May 2020. This means that all domestic and international flights as well as interprovincial flights have been prohibited. Based on the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), currently 75% of all destinations around the world have their borders completely closed for international tourism – this means that 163 destinations are closed.

The UNWTO has also added that traveling does not look favourable and that the prospects have been downgraded for the year because of the uncertainty of the virus in each nation.

South Africa remains uncertain because of the spread of the virus and the duration of travel restrictions. The South African minister of tourism Nkhensani Kubayi-Ngubane will confirm when the borders will be opened but for now, there is much talk and debate around borders opening in September 2020.

But, enough said, I would love to see the might Victoria Falls and immerse myself in the beauty of Africa and its wildlife. Where are you longing to go after when boarders do open?

When travelers follow the hashtag, they’ll know they’re part of a great community of travelers who are just waiting to get back out there.

Will we travel again?

Although technology has provided an escape, a virtual window on to culture, landmarks, and beauty spots during this pandemic time ,we are probably bored of our window views by now and longing to get out and explore. If so, you are one of the millions asking: when can we travel again? An idyllic break somewhere could still be on the cards this year. We miss the rush of packing our luggage the night before jumping on a plane, the crowded airports , the fear of missing planes. We miss the euphoria of stepping into a city never before seen , new languages , new faces. It’s time to reconnect!

As we emerge from this coma, we’ll be craving health-enhancing experiences, restorative immersions in nature, roaming around in the open air, and safe escapes for quality time with our nearest and dearest. We’ll need to transition to venturing back into the full world at a new, slower pace. Saving money and added flexibility are alluring incentives to book now for travel later in the year. There’s another benefit of planning trips ahead, that happiness feeling. For most, the enjoyment starts weeks, even months before the holiday begins. So, if you decide to make travel plans, you’re likely to experience this “pre-trip happiness.

During these trying times, we all need to look forward to experiences we can trust

The global travel industry is preparing to restart

The global travel industry is preparing to restart some services soon. It will be gradual and there’s a chance your getaway dreams could come true before the end of the year. Gradual but far much better. The travel industry has been positively planning to get up and running over the coming months. For the past few months, severely reduced flight services have been running across the globe. With countries gradually entering ‘unlock down’ the world over, major airlines have set out plans to return to pretty much regular service ahead of their peak in summer.

Dream destinations are keen to welcome tourists again. It may be optimistic to think many housebound globetrotters will be willing – let alone able – to travel right now. Still, several countries have already reopened their borders in a bid to reboot their struggling tourism industries. Countries will start lifting these restrictions and open borders at different times, depending on the status of outbreaks around the world. This may change overnight, so you’ll have to keep on top of your government’s up-to-date travel advice before choosing your getaway.

On a positive note, most vaccine researches have progressed well, and experts hope the viable vaccine to be ready by the end of 2020. South Africa and other countries ( China, Australia, Brazil, and the UK) have announced clinical trials on humans. After reaching a license agreement with Oxford University and others, AstraZeneca agreed to supply more than 2 billion doses globally, anticipating the delivery of 400 million doses before the end of 2020.

During these trying times, we all need to look forward to experiences we can trust

African Sunsets Travel has been working hard to keep our community safe and sound, but we miss you! We miss couples enjoying honeymoon in Capetown, families screaming on the Table Mountain, outdoor enthusiasts enjoying climbing the Namib sand dunes, sunset on a mokoro, exploring the untamed Okavango Delta. We miss groups laughing out loud, interacting with the locals in the townships with the Himba tribes. That longing for smell of the fresh bush veld in the morning and that flutter of excitement you get before going on a game drive. It’s has been long since we have seen the wonder of Africa. We appreciate your help and support and are excited to welcome you back again soon. It turned to reality for all of us, and we have spent all this time inside our homes, to save the lives of those in our communities. But that doesn’t mean you don’t miss traveling, we all do. And yes, we will travel again.

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