How to make bookings during Covid-19?

Are you in need of business accommodation or a ride to your destination?

Contact one of our experienced travel experts or consultants to book your trip or vacation for 2021.

AST continues to build good relationships with our stakeholders to allow that we offer the best possible rates and terms.

When travelers follow the hashtag, they’ll know they’re part of a great community of travelers who are just waiting to get back out there.

Traveling post Covid-19

We will travel again but it will not be the same; even if borders reopen, we must adapt to a new way of doing things. Travelers must trust that boarding a plane is safe and that they will be allowed to enter a country. Extreme health and safety protocols, along with operational systems will be in place.

During these trying times, we all need to look forward to experiences we can trust

How is AST prepared for post-COVID-19?

AST built excellent relationships with their partners, therefore, should clients want to change or cancel a trip (within the terms and conditions) there will be no hassle.

With well prepared and equipped staff, dedicated to maintaining protocol and the highest degree of hygiene. They are also implementing a “Safety Starter Pack” that contains all essential guidelines, sanitizers, and measures to ensure the health and safety of all stakeholders are a priority.

Experiences will make up post Covid-19

All our packages are on sale and we will advise based on the availability and various protocols at various locations. We continue to give our clients the best experience.

“We are taking life day-by-day!”

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