Make friends from all over


AST has unique guides who are generally eager to meet new people. Being new to a place makes others around you to be more open towards you. Travellers are super friendly people, and as soon as you’ve initiated the conversation, you’ll find that the small talk comes very quickly.

Chances are, you’ll talk about the generic globetrotting stuff such as How long have you been travelling? Which places have you been? Where is your next destination? Before you know it, you’re sipping a brew, laughing out loud, and planning your journey to the next destination together.

Even if you happen to travel solo or as a group, you will never feel alone because you will always meet new people, have social interactions, and make friends.

Make friends with the locals

If you want to connect with people, AST takes to the locals. Make friends with the locals. It’s beneficial, and they might end up recommending you a secret hot spot that only locals know about. Another way is to connect with other tourists and discuss how they’re planning to get to other destinations or if they’re a bit familiar with the areas around.

If you want to make friends who share your interests, consider signing up for a class in a foreign country. One of the top advice for making friends all over is to join activities that permit you to interact with new people, either locals or other tourists. Those activities will become particularly useful for making friends when travelling to new destinations. You will meet hundreds of people by attending parties and events which are very social and acquire many memorable experiences.

African Sunsets Travel’s walking tours are a great way to make friends while travelling because that includes a diverse group of people.

Meet new people and have fun while exploring

The trip might have more than ten nationalities represented on tour, and there’s likely to be a vast age. With that diversity, it’s almost impossible not to find someone you get along with. The best walking tours split larger groups into small sub-groups so that you’re getting to know twenty people rather than barely remembering the fifty strangers’ faces. When setting up a trip, the best advice is to take guided tours. Even if you leave on a journey by yourself, you can still do it with other people by taking a guided tour, preferably of searching for yourself. Thus, you’ll be part of a team of tourists, and you’ll have a tour guide. So you’ll get adequate information about the places you’re seeing, and you’ll get to socialize with the other people in your tour group.

Restaurants are a great place to make friends while travelling. If you are a solo diner, you’re likely to be seated at a table for two; you can share your meal if they’re getting full, or you can even invite another solo diner to join you. That first point of contact with a newcomer is always nerve-wracking, but once you’ve started chatting, you’ll soon realize that you were worrying about nothing!

If you can do this, you can tour as much as you want, whenever you want, without worrying about bringing along some travelling companion so you won’t get homesick. You’ll find people to spend time with and have fun while exploring, thus making buddies from all over.

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